The title of this blog is inspired by our daughter’s middle name, “Grace,” which is not just a beautiful name, but it is a word that carries rich theological significance. See our first blog post for a brief introduction on the importance of grace.

We are Reformed Christians, which means

  • We believe in the Bible and its teachings.
  • More specifically, we affirm the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as the five points of Calvinism).
  • We affirm the five solas.
  • Diverging slightly from mainline Reformed theology, we mostly align with the London Baptist Confession of 1689.

We serve in the youth ministry of Nashville Chinese Baptist Church. Daniel has served in the youth group since 2010, and after we got married in 2014, the Lord called us to continue serving in the youth group together. Our youth group is small and diverse, but regardless of the demographics and size, we believe in being faithful to God’s word. A big part of our gathering on Sunday mornings is preaching through the Bible expositorily, studying God’s word verse-by-verse.

We started this blog for many reasons.

  1. Writing is a way to develop our own thinking on theological, doctrinal, and practical issues surrounding the Christian faith. And as we order our thoughts and delve deeper into these topics, we become more effective teachers in our family and in our church. We hope for this to be a reflection and collection of what we teach at home.
  2. This blog also serves the dual purpose of supporting our church ministry. We added sections for the youth group, including summaries of our weekly studies.
  3. We also hope that others reading this will benefit from what we are learning in His Word. 
  4. Ultimately, we do this, as we should do all things, to the glory of God alone.

For a more detailed explanation of these reasons, please see our first blog post.

Soli Deo gloria | Glory to God Alone